Blue Square Shipping Policy

Order Processing

All orders are processed during business hours. Orders are processed for shipment within 24 hours (business hours) of payment, and scheduled for fulfillment at the nearest available warehouse to your location. 

Local Pick Up

We are unable to accommodate requests for customer pickup. Items are stored in various warehouses throughout the country and we are unable to offer that option.

Order Cancellation

Due to our automated systems, once an order is placed online, it cannot be canceled. In case of extreme urgency, please contact us via phone or email as soon as possible and we will do our best to get it resolved. Order cancellation is not guaranteed. 

If we are unable to cancel the order, please do not open the package for the unwanted item. Please contact us to open a return request upon delivery.

When a purchase is made, there is an indication of expected shipping date, which is generally between 1 - 2 business days from the time of purchase. You will receive follow up notifications about delivery once your order is in-transit.

In rare circumstances, there may be an issue with inventory, (e.g. dropping/damaging the last item available during packing) and we have to replenish inventory before it’s possible to ship the order. Other rare occurrences include flash sale effect, or a technical error.

In these situations we do our best to find the fastest option for replenishment, and we will notify you of a reasonable timeframe for the items availability. Whenever possible, we will upgrade your ship method so the item can still arrive on time. However, if we find that the order’s ETA is longer than seven days, you will be notified by email and the order will be canceled. Market prices can fluctuate significantly during a seven day period, and you may end up finding a better deal in that time.

Overnight Shipping

WE DO NOT OFFER WEEKEND DELIVERY, unless special arrangements are made. Please consider this when placing orders on Friday or Thursday for overnight shipping. Your item will most likely arrive on Monday. Our overnight shipping service is FedEx and UPS overnight service, without exception, BUT that does not guarantee Saturday delivery.

Office/Warehouse Closures

We are a Sabbath observant business. We regularly shut down for Religious Holidays and Shabbat. Therefore, a few times a year our office-staff will not be available during normal business days. Please consult a Jewish religious Calendar for United States times for more details.