Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Rack PDU PX2-1970N-V2
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Manufacturer Part Number:
Monitored rack power distribution unit (0U [vertical], 17.3kVA, 48 outlets). INPUT: 208v (3-phase DELTA), 48a - Hardwired [Unterminated Cord, No Plug]; OUTPUT: 42@ C13, 6@ C19 outlets; on 6@ 2-pole, 20a Overcurrent Protectors; FEATURES: Billing-Grade (+/- 1%) Energy Metering [kW, kVA, V, A, Power Factor] - per inlet, per breaker/fuse; 3-digit LED user-selectable display (voltage, current, or active power : per line or per breaker). Local display of alarms and configuration information(name, ratings, IP/Networking); Onboard embedded processor with minimum 400MHz clock speed, 16MB NOR Flash, and 64MB SDRAM; Remote network monitoring via HTML, JSON-RPC, SSH, Telnet, MODBUS/TCP, and SNMPv3. Environmental monitoring [temp/humidity] capable ñ up to 32 sensors. Individual outlet numbers labeled on chassis. Automated deployment via TFTP, DHCP/PXE, SSH(CLI), or USB Flash Drives. WiFi Capable. USB Webcam Capable. iPad/iPhone/Android App. Breaker metering and alarming (0V detection). Max Dimensions 76mm x 80mm x 1780mm (3.0in x 3.2in x 70.1in). Max Weight 13.5 kg. Maximum ambient temperature 60C at full load.Vendor: Raritan; Part Number: PX2-1970N-V2



208V, 3Φ Delta, 17.3kVA, 48A






  • Energy Metering Voltage (V), Current (A), Active Power (kW), Real Power (kVA), Energy (kWh), Power Factor
  • Metering Accuracy ISO/IEC 62053-21 1%
  • Remote Outlet Switching No
  • Metering per input line Yes for all models
  • Metering per Branch Circuit Breaker Yes
  • Environmental Sensor Ready Yes
  • Compatible Sensors Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, Differential Pressure, Water Leak, and Contact Closure.
  • Cascading Yes, Max 16 PDUs can be daisy chained using a USB connection. Note: Firmware version 3.3.10 or above is required.
  • Networking 10/100 BaseT Ethernet.
  • Onboard Display 3-digit LED user-selectable display (voltage, current, or active power : per line or per breaker). Auto-flip orientation
  • Input Plug Cord (3P4W)
  • Nominal Voltage 208V
  • Maximum Input Current 48A
  • Rated Input Current 48A
  • Power Capacity 17.3kVA
  • Cord Length 3m
  • Nominal Voltage 208V
  • Receptacles (Output Connections) (42) IEC320 C13
  • Overload Protection (6) LEGBX66-20
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 3.0in x 3.2in x 70.1in; 76mm x 80mm x 1780mm
  • Unit Weight 13.5 kg
  • Shipping Weight 16.7 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions 365mm x 135mm x 1910mm
  • Mounting Tool-less Button Mount
  • Operating Temperature/Environment 60 C
  • Operating Relative Humidity 85%
  • Operating Elevation 0-10000ft
  • Regulatory Approvals UL
  • Warranty Standard 2 years manufacturer warranty
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