RabbitCore ® RCM3600 Series Microprocessor Core Module RCM3610
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Rabbit 3000 microprocessor at 22 MHz


Up to 512K Flash/512K SRAM


33 parallel digital I/O with configurable options


4 serial ports (IrDA, HDLC, async, SPI)


Powerful Rabbit 3000 microprocessor


Low-profile footprint: 2.11" x 1.23" x 0.62" (54 x 31 x 16mm)


Up to 512K Flash / 512K SRAM


33 digital I/O, alternate I/O bus


Up to 4 serial ports (IrDA, HDLC, asynch, sync, SPI)


5 VDC input, 3.3 VDC interface


Low-cost solution


Ready-made platform for fast time-to-market, up to 3 months design integration time savings.


Compact size


Dynamic C® development environment for real-time development and debugging


Exceptionally fast performance for math, logic, I/O


Handheld devices & Instrumentation


Remote Data Logging




  • mfg_part_number RCM3610
  • Microprocessor Low-EMI Rabbit® 3000 @ 22 MHz
  • Flash Memory 512K
  • SRAM 512K
  • Backup Battery Connection for user-supplied backup battery (to support RTC and SRAM)
  • General Purpose I/O 33 parallel digital I/0 lines:
  • Additional I/O Reset
  • Auxiliary I/O Bus Can be configured for 8 data lines and 5 address lines (shared with parallel I/O lines), plus I/O read/write
  • Serial Ports Four 3.3V CMOS-compatible ports configurable as:
  • Serial Rate Maximum asynchronous baud rate = CLK/8
  • Slave Interface A slave port allows the RCM3600 to be used as an intelligent peripheral device slaved to a master processor, which may either be another Rabbit 3000 or any other type of processor
  • Real-Time Clock Yes
  • Timers Ten 8-bit timers (6 cascadable), one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers
  • Watchdog/Supervisor Yes
  • Pulse-Width Modulators 4 PWM output channels with 10-bit free-running counter and priority interrupts
  • Input Capture/Quadrature Decoder 2-channel input capture can be used to time input signals from various port pins
  • Power 5V ±0.25VDC 60 mA @ 22.1 MHz, 5V; 38 mA @ 11.06 MHz, 5V
  • Operating Temperature -40° C to +85° C
  • Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
  • Connectors One 2 x 20, 0.1” pitch
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