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To unleash new levels of business innovation and competitive advantage, today’s organizations are embracing digital transformation. However, their success depends on building an agile business and agile IT. In the digital era, automation is key to IT agility.


But organizations are only as agile as their least agile component, and for most organizations that is the data center network. In fact, Gartner research has found organizations that automate at least 70 percent of network changes reduce outages and increase release velocity by 50 percent.[1] At the same time, a Gartner 2017 poll of CIOs revealed that a lack of appropriate skills and a lack of resources are the biggest barriers to resilient IT in this digital era.[2] Clearly, there is a strong need and desire to implement automation but appropriate skills and resources are lacking.


Workflow Composer Automation Suites are specifically designed to jumpstart your transformation journey and accelerate time-to-value by providing everything needed for complete “out-of-box” network lifecycle automation for Extreme Networks infrastructure. And when combined with the DevOps-inspired, cross-domain automation of Extreme Workflow Composer for integrating with cross-domain technologies and platforms (see Figure 1), IT organizations can achieve immediate improvements in IT agility and accelerate their digital transformation.


[1] Gartner, Inc. (Andrew Lerner and Sanjit Ganguli), Take These Six Steps to a Better Network (ID: G00307825), December 2, 2016.


[2] Gartner, Inc. (Tomas Nielsen, Chris Howard, Andy Rowsell-Jones, Jan-Martin Lowendahl), 2017 CIO Agenda: Global Perspectives on Seizing the Digital Ecosystem Opportunity (ID: G00318306), February 10, 2017.


Workflow Composer automation suites are ideal for IT organizations that want to embrace automation but have limited automation training and resources. These automation suites are a powerful collection of components assembled, built, and tested with Extreme infrastructure. Each suite consists of a collection of turnkey, yet customizable workflows, services, sensors, actions, rules, documentation, and in some cases a customized user interface. They are designed to provide out-of-box network lifecycle automation for commonly encountered tasks that address key use cases such as provisioning and troubleshooting a data center fabric.




  • Network Essentials Data Center Fabrics
  • Provides automation building blocks for common networking tasks. Examples include: Provides pre-built provisioning and management automation of data center fabric networks for executing advanced automation with minimal training. Examples include:
  • Configure edge port VLAN, Layer 2 port channel, VLAN interface, VRRPe, and VRF Provision data center fabric underlay/overlay
  • Set Layer 2 and 3, and System MTU Add servers, switches, or Layer 2/3 tenants to fabrics
  • Validate edge port Layer 2 port channel state, VLAN interface, VRRPe, and OS version Upgrade fabric (scheduled, organized execution)
  • Place switch in maintenance mode Validate BGP settings and state, BGP neighbors, BGP-EVPN peering, and switch reachability
  • Configure Syslog, NTP, AAA, DNS, and SNMP v2c management services Troubleshoot and remediate issues with flow trace for end-to-end integrity or leaf-spine connectivity
  • For the current list of automated tasks, view the Network Essentials Automation Suite Documentation Perform a “Support Save”
  • For the current list of automated tasks, view the Data Center Fabric Automation Suite documentation.
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