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{"name":"Specification","value":[{"name":"Features","value":"High-reliability, two channel, 8-Pin DIP
Performance guaranteed from -55 degC\u00a0to 125 degC
MIL-PRF-38534 Class H, QML-38534
Dual marked with device part number and DLA\u00a0Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD)
High radiation immunity
Reliability data
MIL-PRF-38534 Class K available
Three hermetically sealed package configurations
One- and two-channel devices\u00a0(may be different package)
High speed: 40 M bit\/s
Active (totem pole) outputs
CMR: 500 V\/\u00b5s guaranteed
1500 Vdc withstand test voltage
Three stage output available
Compatible with TTL, STTL,LSTTL, and HCMOS logic families
"},{"name":"Applications","value":"Military and aerospace
High-reliability systems
Transportation, medical and life-critical systems
Isolation of high speed logic systems
Switching power supplies
Isolated bus driver (networking applications)
Ground loop elimination
Computer-peripheral interfaces
Pulse transformer replacement
High speed disk drive I\/O
Digital isolation for A\/D, D\/A conversion
Harsh industrial environments
"},{"name":"Lifecycle Status","value":"Active"}]}



  • Lifecycle Active
  • Distrib. Inventory Yes
  • CMR (min.) (V/µs) 3000.0
  • Package Hermetic 8 Pin DIP
  • Product Type Hermetic High Speed Logic Gate
  • Reliability Class MIL-PRF-38534 Class H
  • VDD2 (V) 4.75
  • PWD (max.) 35 ns
  • Prop Delay (tPHL) Max. (µs) 60 ns
  • IF Min. (mA) 6 mA
  • Hysteresis (mA) 0.25 mA
  • Prop Delay (tPLH) Max. (µs) 60 ns
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