Dominion® SX II - Serial Console Server - Your Next Generation Solution - DSX2-8M
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Manufacturer Part Number:
Raritan Dominion SX DSX2-8M



Java-Free Serial-Over-IP Access

Complete CLI access and management via SSH, Telnet and Java-free web-browser, with convenient direct port access methods. Two script-based automatic configuration methods (TFTP server and USB stick) are available for fast installation and configuration changes. Scales to thousands of devices with Raritan's CommandCenter.

Powerful New Hardware

The Dominion SX II features a 1 GHz processor with an 8-fold increase in memory, dual power supplies (AC & DC), dual gigabit LAN ports, auto-sensing DTE/DCE ports, 4 USB ports, laptop/KVM access, port status LEDs, and telephone modem option for all models!

Military-Grade Security

Achieve military-grade security levels, including: strong AES and certified FIPS 140-2 encryption module, LDAP/RADIUS/Active Directory authentication, and dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 networking. Two factor authentication available with RADIUS and RSA SecurID tokens.

Broad Serial Device Support

Enjoy comprehensive serial device access to a wide range of equipment. Automatic DTE/DCE detection eliminates the need for rollover cables. Support for operating speeds of 1,200 to 230,400 bps with flexible, per-port serial options.



  • ProductFamily Dominion SX II
  • SerialPorts 8
  • Modem Yes
  • LocalPorts 3
  • Network 2
  • PowerSupply Dual AC
  • KvmPorts
  • RemotePowerControl 8
  • CommandCenter Yes
  • DataSheet SXII Data Sheet
  • URL