APC KVM USB Cable - 12 ft (3.6 m)
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AP5257 Features

APC KVM USB Cable - 12 ft (3.6 m) Manage multiple servers with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse.



  • Hot Pluggable Operation Add or remove servers without having to power off the switch.
  • Out-of-band management Troubleshoot servers and diagnose problems in lieu of a working operating system with POST and BIOS-level access to servers.
  • Agility
  • Multi-platform Support Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux compatible.
  • Scalable Architecture Cascade multiple KVM switches for a modular solution that supports multiple platforms, improving flexibility and simplifying future expansion. Please see the user's manual for specific cascading capabilities.
  • Occupies 1U of rack space Conserve valuable rack space in the data center.
  • Cord Length 12ft (3.66meters)
  • Physical
  • Maximum Height 0.25inches (6MM, 0.6CM)
  • Maximum Width 0.25inches (6MM, 0.6CM)
  • Maximum Depth 0.25inches (6MM, 0.6CM)
  • Net Weight 0.25lbs. (0.11KG)
  • Shipping weight 1.0lbs. (0.45KG)
  • Shipping Height 2.0inches (51MM, 5.1CM)
  • Shipping Width 0.5inches (13MM, 1.3CM)
  • Shipping Depth 6.5inches (165MM, 16.5CM)
  • Color Black
  • Connector A HighDensity15(VGA Monitor)
  • Connector B USB-A(USB 2.0)
  • Standard warranty 2 years repair or replace
  • Sustainable Offer Status
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Proposition 65 Warning Available in Documentation tab
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